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Once upon a time, there was a fairy... Despite her efforts to go unnoticed, she was often told that she had fairy-like nimble fingers and a fairy-like voice. In the high school yearbook, she was caricatured... as a fairy.

At the age of 18, she strangely realized that her songs could bring light into people's hearts. She had been considering a career in law or psychology, and this discovery troubled her. Consequently, she didn't do much about it, much to the disappointment of those around her. Her music had always been her secret garden, and she didn't feel ready to share it.

Today, she embraces her true nature: learning, creating, sharing and marveling!


Based in Montreal, Isabelle Fleury has a multidisciplinary background : criminology, music, performing arts, teaching, languages, and creative writing. She has won awards, produced an album, and several shows as a singer-songwriter. She has also created numerous arrangements for mixed choirs and children's choirs. She innovates in music teaching by developing and sharing educational resources. In 2022, she ventured into choral direction in schools in collaboration with the artist Ariane Moffatt. Currently, she is working on researching and writing biographical children's books about forgotten female composers through history. 

Duo album

From Aube (Dawn) to Crépuscule (Dusk), via the Midday Intermède (Interlude), the original songs of Duo, sometimes serious and sometimes funny, evoke dreams and the imagination.

Lyrics and music : Isabelle Fleury

Arrangements : Isabelle Fleury et Guillaume St-Laurent

Mixing and mastering : Simon L'Espérance


Isabelle Fleury : singing, flute, percussions, kazoo

Guillaume St-Laurent : piano, accordion, ukulele, guitar, percussions

Paul Audy playing guitar in Aube

Jean-Philippe Parent playing percussions in Aube, Mon île, Intermède and Je suis amoureuse

Louis Sédillot creating percussions' arrangements in C'est le matin

Special projects

L'ORDRE 13139

Music : Guillaume St-Laurent, 2009

Movie from Daniel Gervais and Christine Gervais






Music : Guillaume St-Laurent, 2009

Aerial silk number for acrobat Érika Lemay



Music: James Horner

Orchestre symphonique pop de Montréal

Under direction of Jonathan Dagenais

Recording at MMR studio, McGill, 2012

TITANIC SUITE (Extrait - Soprano solo)



(My soul is damned)

Exhibit of a Halloween Murder Mysteries of my creation.

Arrangements : Isabelle Fleury et Sébastien Maître

INTRO WEB (2006)

Musical intro from my old flash website

Arrangements : Isabelle Fleury and Guillaume St-Laurent

MAGIE (2010)

Small song to present myself to Cirque du Soleil. I got an audition ;)

Piano : Guillaume St-Laurent

Educational resources

You find something interesting in my French resources?

Ask me for a translation :)

Boomwhacker's Color-Coded Chords Posters

3-Digits Flip Counter Scoreboard

Recorder Karate Badges

Rhythm Fishes


Cliparts - Body Percussion

Cliparts - Color-Coded Notes Chips

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